Pulsar IPL – The New Generation

Welcome to Pulsar IPL ® Official Website. Pulsar IPL ® is a registered trade mark owned by Pulsar IPL ® Ltd.

Pulsar Ipl is manufacturerd in the United Kingdom. Support British made products to help the economy

The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System are designed, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom “Help us create British jobs and bring back manufacturing to this country”


Approved VTCT UK supplier to colleges, Pulsar Intensed Pulsed Light systems are designed and developed in the UK.

Welcome to Pulsar’s official website, Pulsar IPL®manufactures IPL machines, IPL equipment and IPL laser hair removal systems.The Pulsar Elite, Smooth and Duo Intense Pulsed Light System was developed and is manufactured in Llanelli, South Wales in the United Kingdom. Pulsar uses a novel pulse system that delivers controlled energy to the skin. The light beam passes through removable filters that modify the pulses according to the desired application.

Pulsar is gentle to your skin (the uniform energy release across a wide application area results in considerably reduced risk of skin burn) – laser side effects eliminated cheaper (fewer treatments because of larger area of the application head) versatile (removable light filters).

The Pulsar IPL® Intense Pulsed Light system is rated as one of the worlds leading systems and is clinically proven to offer you effective, virtually pain-free, quicker and longer lasting results.

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