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Pulsar IPL

Lowest Running Costs in the Industry. "Desktop or Upright" You Choose.
Our new Pulsar IPL Systems offers the lowest system and applicator handset servicing cost and helps you address your ever evolving business challenges

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Free Website with every System

Get your visually compelling, free website for your business with every pulsar system purchase

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Full Marketing Support
We help with all your brochure and online marketing to make your salon the best in your area.

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Global Distributor Network

Join our Global Distributor Network and increase your earning potential..

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Free Training
Our Pulsar Training is now used throughout establishments in the United Kingdom and Ireland..

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Lowest Running Costs
Pulsar offers the lowest running costs per flash in the industry.

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Truly Amazing Results
With Our Large 22 sqcm Hair Removal Applicator.. "You can treat full legs in under 20 min"
Extensive clinical research with before & after dermatological treatment photos to cover all available treatments..

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Pulsar IPL Hair Removal

Pulsar ipl System is the most advanced professional Intense Pulsed Light System available and is fully manufactured in the United Kingdom.Pulsar IPL is one of the remaining true Great British Brands that's been manufacturing Intense Pulsed Light Systems for the past 23 years. freddie-small.gif

The Pulsar IPL IPL is a professional intense pulsed light machine used for permanent hair removal and skin treatmentsWelcome to Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light official online presence.

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See what Freddie the Follicle has to say about our Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light System. Click Here

The Pulsar IPL System is the most advanced professional Intense Pulsed Light System available and is fully manufactured in the United Kingdom. 

Our Research and Development team have obtained their technical and clinical expertise from over two decades of knowledge in the opto-electronics industry. Our technical staff was responsible for the development of the Skinsoft System back in 1992, the Light Touch System back in 1998 and the Pulsar IPL System back in 2001.

Our latest Pulsar IPL System pictured to your right is a combination of all this experience and promises to be the most affordable with reference running costs and best Intense Pulsed Light System available in today's market place.

After decades of dealing and listening to our customers , it was understood that most salon environments haven't the space for a large footprint Intense Pulsed Light system.

We developed the new Pulsar System to be as small and light as possible, it allows our customers the freedom to operate in the smallest of treatment rooms. It also offers our customers the opportunity to develop a mobile treatment service and relocate the system if required.

We realise that purchasing your first IPL System or even upgrading or changing to another IPL system is an extremely difficult choice ,because of all the claims that so many manufacturers are saying in the market place.

You are not just purchasing a Pulsar system, you are becoming part of a highly successful team of individuals that work closely with one another, who share knowledge in treatment techniques and energy settings that work best for certain skin types and treatment requirements, our trainers are always there to assist at the end of the telephone to help with any advice that’s required.

The new system can either be used on the lower trolley which offers lower storage for all your accessories, or it can easily be removed from the lower trolley and used as a desktop portable system. The new platform design offers Interchange ability with our latest cavitation and dermabrasion systems.

Click Here to see Dr Cartier perform a variety of skin and hair removal treatments.


Our Pulsar Team have worked in Conjunction with the majority of UK Colleges and have developed an Intense Pulsed Light training programme that is now used throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.Our systems are located all over the United Kingdom and in over 50 countries worldwide.

For further information and full specifications on our new range of Pulsar Products. Click Here.

Why Choose Pulsar.

If the Colleges and Academies trust in our Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light system and training techniques so should you.

Pulsar Intense pulsed light system is the result of 28 years’ experience in the Medical / Laser industry.

Pulsar is the original developer of the 1cm2 Pointed Applicator and the largest Applicator in the world at 22cm2 offering faster treatment time.

Our first Pulsar Intense pulsed light system was manufactured in 1998 . Pulsar is used by the world’s leading dermatologists, aestheticians and beauty professionals and in over 20 counties worldwide such as Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Spain, Pakistan, Mexico, Australia, Portugal, Bahrain, Dubai, South-Africa, Portugal, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand and the middle east etc…..

•    The number one choice for academies and colleges within the UK and Ireland.
•    Pulsar offers the lowest running costs in the industry.
•    Pulsar is used in over 22 colleges to teach NVQ Level 4 Training
•    Pulsar has appeared on TV and national newspapers.
•    The world’s largest applicator at 22cm2 enables faster treatments.
•    Training on the Use of the Pulsar system is free with purchase.
•    Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light is fully manufactured in the United Kingdom.
•    Applicator service/refurbishment guaranteed 72 hour turnaround
•    Free marketing material artwork including new website.
•    Pulsar intense pulsed light systems can treat up to 15 skin conditions.
•    Pulsar can treat from skin type 1 to Skin Type 6
•    Pulsar system offers default treatment values making it the safest system in the world to operate.

Our Pulsar Team have worked in Conjunction with the majority of UK Colleges and have developed an Intense Pulsed Light training programme that is now used throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our systems are located all over the United Kingdom and in over 50 countries worldwide.

Not Ready to Purchase try our Rental Scheme

The Pulsar Rental Scheme is ideal for Professionals that would prefer renting our system rather than purchasing, our rental term is 12 months with three months up front payment. Click Here to read more ..

Treatment Information

Permanent Hair Removal, on all skin types and Photo-rejuvenation can now be cost effective for all your client.Customers wishing to experience the effectiveness of our Pulsar Systems can arrange a visit to our treatment clinic at llanelli where we will be happy to carry out patch tests and demonstrate the effectiveness of our system.

Pulsar uses a novel pulse system that delivers controlled energy to the skin.The light beam passes through removable filters that modify the pulses according to the desired application.Pulsar is gentle to your skin (the uniform energy release across a wide application area results inconsiderably reduced risk of skin burn) - laser side effects eliminated cheaper (fewer treatments because of larger area of the application head) versatile (removable light filters).

The Pulsar Intense Pulsed Light system is rated as one of the worlds leading systems and is clinically proven to offer you effective, virtually pain-free, quicker and longer lasting results.Visit out treatment pages to view the amazing results that Pulsar can offer or why not visit our testimonials page to see what satisifies clients have to say about the Pulsar treatment. Pulsar offers quick, effective and long term results on all skin types.

A selection of our extensive range of highly successful treatment photos can be viewed at the Treatment Pages. Our Pulsar treatments are supported by photographs and testimonials.

Pulsar effectively and painlessly removes.Pulsar IPL-treatment-new.jpg

  • Hair to include-bikini, legs, facial, lip, cheek, chin, back
  • Thread veins
  • Spider naevi (spider veins)
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Birth marks
  • Solar lentigines
  • Pulsar rejuvenises ageing/sun damaged skin.
  • Smooths out gentle wrinkles
  • Unifies complexion hue
  • Reduces pore size
  • Improves skin flexibility

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